Holistic Therapies, Utopia Spa, Isle of Wight

Holistic Therapies at Utopia Spa, Isle of Wight

pure alignment between body, mind & soul

Bring your body, mind and soul back into balance with one of our immensely relaxing holistic treatments. Allow yourself to drift into a calm and peaceful frame of mind.

"A wonderfully relaxing Thai foot massage! Many thanks for the experience – Professionally and thoughtfully done. I shall now become a devotee! Sharon

Hopi Ear Candling 40 Minutes - £40

A relaxing, traditional treatment which has proved very successful in relieving sinus conditions, headaches, snoring and excess ear wax.

Indian Head Massage 40 Minutes - £40

Using traditional Indian massage, this invigorating treatment will help to alleviate stress and tension leaving you with a sense of general wellbeing.

How to Book Your Holistic Therapy Treatment at Utopia Spa, Isle of Wight

Call us now on 01983 405848 to make an appointment for your holistic therapy treatment at Utopia Spa.