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Start As You Mean To Go On

Start As You Mean To Go On - Utopia Spa Blog

Start as you mean to go on!!

Utopia Spa Blog By Annabel

The New Year is here and resolutions are being made, from spending more time on yourself, to losing those excess pounds to prioritising your health over concerns.

Health eating is normally at the forefront of people’s resolutions and we all know how hard sticking to our intentions can be. Here are a few things you can do to make life a bit easier if you’re worried you may drift of course.

  • Portion control, either reducing your plate size or simply reducing the quantity you put on your plate, can help prevent over-eating.
  • Ensuring you drink plenty of water to fill you up about 30 mins prior to eating.
  • Keep all tasty temptations out of sight and locked away…!

Exercising is typically seen alongside healthy eating, although it shouldn’t be taken on too intensely whilst starting out, as injury could ensue, holding you back from your longer term goals. Simple things can be done like leaving the car on the drive and walking instead, or if you get a bus, getting off a stop early to incorporate more walking into your routine.

Both healthy eating and exercising have fabulous effects on our bodies, moods and general well-being. As the Christmas party toxins are flushed out of your system, your skin may break out slightly. To speed up the detoxing process, treat yourself to a Full Body Detoxifying Scrub, which will not only stimulate your metabolism and your lymphatic (toxin-removal) system, but will exfoliate away dead skin cells revealing a smooth, soft and stimulated new you for the new year.

A 40 minute Detox Scrub is currently at an enticing £35!!

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