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November Spa Blog Utopia Spa, Isle of WightNovember has arrived and it’s brought the winter weather with it…

Spa Blog By Annabel

So, we’ve decided to compile some tips to prepare your skin for the coming months and prevent your skin suffering whilst the icicles thrive!

1) Water, water everywhere!!

Whilst we avoid the puddles and the snow drifts, ensuring you maintain or increase your water intake in the winter is crucial for not only your skin’s health, but your general health too! The Recommended Daily Intake is between 2-3 litres, (varying for men and women) to maintain the body’s vital functions.

2) Up the outer layers!

Not only does the cold require us to layer on more clothing but we should do the same for our skin too! Once you’ve moisturised your inside, don’t forget about the outside. By opting for a richer more intense version of your usual moisturiser, you are guaranteeing your skin the moisture boost it needs when the cold harsh whether depletes it.

3) Cool it and quicker!

Long hot showers despite warming you up, tend to leave your skin parched and vulnerable. Too warm water can break down the skin’s natural lipid barrier which protects it against the environment and over washing can also strip it of its natural oils.. Plus, quicker showers will save the pennies in time for Christmas!

4) You are what you eat!

Nourish yourself from inside to prepare your immune system and defend yourself from winter. Foods like oily fish, walnuts, hemp, flax or pumpkin seeds and nuts are packed with essential fatty acids which help lubricate the skin cells preventing dryness. Avocado contains oleic acid also which is involved in regenerating damaged skin cells and reducing facial redness and irritation.

5) Finally… invest in some mitts!

The ultimate protection to protect those vital extremities; gloves, socks and scarves can’t be beaten when it comes to warmth and they won’t dry your skin out like central heating!!

Top Tip - Why not try one of our Decleor Discovery Facials to find out what nutrient rich products are best suited to your skin type this Winter…..

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